Name Songbird
Faction Junkion
Function Communications
Alt Mode Motorcycle
Type FC


"Music soothes the savage beast."

Songbird loves Earth radio music and named herself after the first radio song that she ever tuned in on her little arm radio. She prefers rock from any era: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, or 2000's. She quotes extensively from song lyrics to fit her views of situations. Unlike other Junkions, she usually doesn't watch TV unless her favorite music video is on. She believes that those Autobots who appreciate music are the most intelligent of all non-Junkions.

In Roadrunner Motorcycle mode she's equipped with graviton repellors to navigate over the harsh Junkion terrain. In robot mode she carries a plasma pistol at her side. Sometimes Songbird has a hard time getting non-Junkions to understand her meaning. This can waste valuable time during a battle or other emergency, especially if another musical Autobot or other Junkion has to "translate."





  • Songbird captured by Comcast - Comcast and Fulcrum attack a TV station, DepthCharge and Songbird come to the rescue, only for Songbird to be captured for Comcast's research on Junkions.


  • Human Condition - Investigating a crashed spacecraft in Tunguska, the Autobots and Decepticons discover a... change in their situation. Songbird happens to be about, and finds a similar change.