Through roleplay, it's common to develop and reuse background characters who have one or two mundane tasks in the general happenings from day to day. Some of these characters show up once, never to be seen again. Others spring up occasionally, when the need arises. And others just show up all too often. Feel free to use these guys in your RP!


  • Bottlethrottle - Once a bright eyed, bushy tailed cadet, a stint in a Decepticon mad science lab has made Bottlethrottle kind of quiet and Dextery. He's super organized, though. BT turns into a weird futuristic two wheeled gyrotruck.
  • Wolfwings - The best name ever for an Autobot that transforms into a wolf that has wings. Noble, brave, and ready for battle! Wields an enormous anime sized sword.
  • The Healthabots! Because the Protectobots can't be everywhere at once! Their leader, Blue Cross, transforms into a coast guard rescue chopper! Anthem is a SWAT team van! Humana is a big and sassy femme bot that alts as a Lockheed P-3A Orion N920AU! Emblem is an ARC Amphibious Rescue Craft! Highmark transforms into an S-64 Aircrane!


  • Mechashoe - A lowly science tech, he's a solid assistant, but lacks the skills to be a stand out Decepticon. After being stationed on a world where life evolved into pure foot, he transforms into a giant metal jumping boot.
  • Frightclaws - A former prisoner of Shockwave's mad science lab, Frightclaws is Dinobot strong, and x6 Dinobot simple. He turns into a big dragon thing. Currently a guest in the Autobot City brig after being liberated.

Frightclaws: Don't let him take care of the rabbits.

  • Lash - She's like Arcee from TF: Prime but she's a purple and black bad guy. Also a former prisoner of Shockwave's lab, and the only mech that Frightclaws listens to.


  • Phil Chapman - An old fashioned stand up kind of guy. Lots of gee and gosh and golly, because his brain was born in the 50's. He's a wiz mechanic that works mostly on EDC exo suits.
  • 'Armless' Luke Murray - Phil's buddy, a mobile infantry good ol' boy with two cybernetic arms. Prone to PTSD bouts and flashbacks. Shockwave's labs. Yep.
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