While everyone should follow these rules, they're mostly intended for staff, since staff powers are needed for most of these things.

Staff powers are for the benefit of the game.

You are not to use your staff position or powers for your own benefit or entertainment, but for the benefit of the game. Corollaries to this:

  • Don't use @wall except for announcements that really need to be broadcast to everyone connected.
  • Don't use your unlimited quota to make tons of personal objects for yourself. You shouldn't have more than two personal objects per char, the limit for all players.
  • NEVER use your staff powers to improve your character's IC position. Doing so is a major ABUSE of power and may lead to immediate firing.

Be careful with your powers.

If you don't know how to check your code for security, ask another admin with more experience to do it for you. NEVER give an object with any staff powers or that is set INHERIT to a non-admin without authorization from the Code Wiz. And most importantly, if you don't know what a staff-only command does, DON'T use it.

Never use OOC information IC'ly.

As an admin, you will most likely learn some OOC information about TPs and/or other players' plans. You may not under any circumstances use this information IC'ly or pass it on to other players even OOC'ly without permission from the TP originators.

Respect privacy of players.

Don't @tel into a group of players or @tel a player somewhere withoutasking for permission first. Additionally, don't use the power to see_all to examine others' code for your use without permission. And most importantly, NEVER spy on players while hidden. If you believe that a player is acting in such a way as to jeopardize the MUSH (ie, attempting to crash it), inform one of the wizards and s/he will deal with it.

Don't be arbitrary, but remember that your decisions are final.

Explain your decisions, especially if you're judging a situation or rejecting an application for a character, an advancement, etc. But remember that your decisions are final, and don't allow a player to drag you into an argument that disrupts RP for others or turns personal.

Dealing with problem players.

If a player is behaving inappropriately (harassing other players, acting in an unthemely way, making personal attacks), follow this procedure:

  • Nice warning
  • Strong warning
  • Gag or +tzone
  • Boot
  • Newpassword (Wizards only)

You should remain polite and courteous throughout the process, even if the player is attacking you personally or you are angry over what s/he has done. If you find that you're losing control of your temper, get another admin to take over and log off.