Surprising Shockwave

TP Characters: None, so far
IC Year: 2035
Location: One of Shockwave's secret installations
Run By: Torque, Chromia


Enough has been enough long enough


Shockwave's brand of experimental terror on Cybertron has had a lasting effect on those that remained to battle him for millions of years - but no more. His crippling of Elita One was the last stray and now her team, the Femmes (plus Torque!), have banded together in order to come up with a plan to bring him down and to bring him in.


Looking for and willing to have Moonracer and Firestar involved! Played (prefered) or temped!


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  • Employing Torque's Contacts - While Torque and Chromia discuss the matter at hand, Shockwave and how best to take him down, Specter sneaks in and threatens to uncover their clandestine operations to Intelligence.. unless Torque speaks with a certain contact of hers. She is not happy.

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