Name Swindle
Faction Decepticon
Function Munitions Expert
Alt Mode Jeep
Type FC

That's right, I am.


Trust me.


Note: Demo's are not free, cheap-aft.


"Make deals, not war."

Easy-going and good natured, but within him beats the fuel pump of the most greed-driven street hustler. Thrives on wheeling and dealing, works for his own personal material advancement. A one-robot "Black Market". Uses a scatter blaster that sprays explosive pellets, gyro gun that disrupts Transformers' balance centers. Prone to overturning on sharp turns. Combines with fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus.



Would this face lie to you?



Hound who?

300px-Swindleanimated (1)

Swindle's bolo tie.



  • Swindle once sold Brawl's brain because he didn't think anyone would notice. This says more about Brawl than it does about Swindle.
  • Seeing how Swindle is a munitions expert with nearly unlimited personal funds, that scatter-blaster/gyro-gun combination must be really something.
     It's all about style.
     Weaponsmith helps.
  • Now featuring Recalibrate for all your retuning needs! ... Just make sure he doesn't filch the leftover parts...
  • Swindle can get you a fantastic deal on pure Egyptian cotton. Everyone gets a share.
  • Swindle is the only Decepticon to hold a Juris Doctor. He is licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.
  • Sometimes Swindle wears a bolo tie.
  • Swindle does sell insurance. He'll get you good rates on Dinobot protection. Just don't ask about shuttle insurance. Or a warranty on any sales.
  • His assistant/manual labor flunky is named Deadweight. He turns into a forklift. Wherever could that idea have come from...


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  • Drums of War - Soon, hordes of Decepticons will swarm out of Darkreach to take make the Autobots of Markon pay for years of treachery. But first, a party.
  • King of Seekers- Contrail vs Blast Off - 2nd round- it's Contrail vs. Blast Off to see who moves into the Finals!
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  • Satellite of Love - What is he building in there anyway?
  • Race for...Second place? - Blast Off gets his one-on-one race with Blurr, while disguised as "Streamline"... but will it be what he expects?
  • Emperor of Confusion - The Decepticons uncover a device that apparently causes all of their computer systems to recognize them as the leader, and disaster ensues (of course)!
  • Spoils of War:Underestimation - 
  • Tower Defense - Vigilence - When Swindle and Blast Off attempt to deploy new and improved attack drones against a stubborn Autobot position, Arcee, Zipline, Dogfight and the rest of the Nova Cronum defenders show up to stop them..but wait..who's that skulking in the shadows?
  • Just Some Fine Tuning - Airlift both harasses the Combaticon duo over recent drone matters, and helps a bit too.
  • Statue of Loyalty - Onslaught dedicates the taking of Nova Cronum to the one mech worthy of such an honor: Himself.
  • Combaticon Hunt - Jazz and Solstice head in for a "Combaticon Hunt", seeking to capture Blast Off and run a scan in order to learn how the Combaticons are controlling the drone army. Things may not go according to plan, however.
  • Breaking Lines - Autobots are hunting down a Decepticon supply line that's using the energies of the Cobalt Plains and clever camouflage to go undetected. All hell breaks loose when Soundwave starts confusing everyone!
  • Combaticons VS DJD - The Combaticons try to settle an ancient score with the DJD!
  • Raid on Tyrest - Shockwave orders an attack on Tyrest but what are his objectives?
  • The Dark Side of Tarn - The Autobots bust up Swindle's black market and figure out how he even managed to sneak into Tarn's police-state in the first place!
  • 2035 Olympics- MW Full- Kenya vs Blast Off - It's Blast Off vs. Kenya Momesa in the Middleweight Full Combat- Round 2!


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