Name Swoop
Faction Autobot
Function Bombardier
Alt Mode Pteranodon
Type FC


"Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets."

Enjoys watching enemies scatter before him as he dives down from the sky... considers spreading fear his greatest weapon. This Dinobot's kind, good-natured side is disguised by his horrifying form... even his comrades shy away. Flies at 250 mph... air-to-air missile launcher under each wing fires missiles equivalent of 5000 lbs of TNT, with an 8 mile range. As robot, uses launchers, and 4000 C thermal sword. Fragile wings vulnerable to enemy firepower.


  • Nightbeat once taught Swoop the fine art of negotiation. It went every bit as horribly as you would expect.
  • With his cunning wit and his authentic sombrero, Swoop is a master of disguise.
  • First Aid once taught Swoop how humans procreated. No, really.
  • Swoop, along with Grimlock, has claimed Sky Lynx's office as their domain while operating on Cybertron, as it was too much of a logistical nightmare to relocate Dinobot Island.
  • When Decepticons engage him in a battle of wits, he readily demonstrates no amount of wit or intelligence can counter a missile to the head.
  • Swoop did not break Firestar's stupid table. Grimlock did!
  • Blast Off is not allowed to fly when Swoop is in the area (according to Swoop).


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  • Istoral Trap - Jazz and Hound fake an ambush with holograms, luring Decepticons into their trap.
  • Killarn Strike: Magic Time - The Decepticons spring their assault on Killarn with a vicious, structured attack. Bonus repair RP track included! Happened aprox. March of 2025.
  • Breaking Lines - Autobots are hunting down a Decepticon supply line that's using the energies of the Cobalt Plains and clever camouflage to go undetected. All hell breaks loose when Soundwave starts confusing everyone!
  • Epic Bar Brawl: Autobot Aftermath - Following the Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon, Arcee visits Springer at the hospital, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of counterintelligence with Punch, then speaks with Jazz briefly as other patients come and go for their routine checkups and repairs.
  • Gone to Ground - The Autobots get tricky with the evil Nebulan Zavos!
  • A Minor Inconvenience - Swoop taunts Galvatron, and the big guy decides to throw down on Iacon's doorstep.
  • Marble Valley Assault - Enraged by the death of one of their city-state's leaders, a neighboring neutral settlement swears vengeance on the Decepticons, who show up a bit early to the party. Good thing the Autobots are so gracious.
  • Wisdom from the Mouths of Dinobots - The recovering neutral leader talks war with Swoop and Grimlock.
  • Defense of Retoris, Part 1 - The Decepticons begin to lay siege to Retoris.
  • Little Chat - Shiftlock's spying has given Autobot Intel enough information to allow for an ambush on one of Tarn's dirty cops.
  • Sterling's Takedown - The Autobots military division has been tasked with capturing the Tarn police officer known as Sterling, who has gone on the run after his corruption has been exposed. Can they catch him before he gets away?
  • Remember the Titans - When a Dinobot makes a play for a Decepticon stronghold, only a lone Insecticon stands in his way. Weight meets strength, power meets resolve, force meets force, Swoop and Juggernaut square off.. TITAN versus TITAN!!
  • Speed Drinking - Hated of rivals, adversaries to this day, Blast Off and Blurr decide to have a drinking competition inside the makeshift Boiler Room Bar.. which one of these two titans shall win, the ener-wino or the racer??
  • Upgrade in Progress - A predator waits until his prey shows signs of weakness or vulnerability...


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