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Name Tempest Mankiller
Faction Militants
Alt Mode None
Type NPC



Warlord Tempest Mankiller is a cunning, ruthless fighter from a long and distinguished line of Cherokee warriors. She takes great pride in her cultural heritage and in her well-respected (and accurate) family name. Her left arm is a robotic prosthesis from mid-bicep to hand, and electronically enhances her strength. She lost her natural arm in one of the most climactic battles of the last World War, but rather than leave the fight, she stopped only long enough to have the wound sealed before returning to the field. Her example inspired her troops to new heights of bravery, sealed the victory for the Militants, and resulted in her promotion to Warlord. Genetically enhanced reflexes, her quick mind, and the heavy artillery of her battle armor make her an extremely dangerous opponent. Tempest will use any weapon at her disposal to ensure success.



  • Disappeared along with all of the other alternate-universe humans, leaving Mexico back under the control of the Mexicans. This lasted as long as it took the Decepticons to notice that nothing was guarding Mexico.
  • Possibly in another dimension?
  • Like the rest of the Militants, was originally a staff-created character.
  • Chikome-Ollin's wife



Played by Whiz

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