SpaceOpera1 Admiral

  • Name: "The Admiral"
  • Faction: Ilxian
  • Function: Scientist
  • Alt Mode: None
  • Type: NPC


"A business built upon the coattails of strife and hatred is a business guaranteed success."

Not much has been determined about the alien known only as "The Admiral." Based out of Sogo on the planet Tau Ceti, he is believed to be the leader of a galaxy-wide crime ring. His personal bodyguard, an orcish being by the name of Codder, follows him around just about everywhere he goes.


At one time, "The Admiral" developed advanced AI technology to gain full control over the Autobot Blurr and Decepticon Blast Off, forcing them to serve his sinister purposes of creating, selling, and delivering weapons of mass destruction. He was defeated when the Autobots and Decepticons came searching for their comrades and sought him out on Tau Ceti, however, he and Codder managed to escape the planet before the Cybertronians could end him.


  • Inspired by IDW's alien villain of the same name and moral bankruptcy.



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