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Theme! Theme is the canon setting, tone, atmosphere and general rules of the universe in which we role-play. It's essentially the lore of the Transformers 2005 universe.

Transformers 2005 began in the (IC) year 2005 (1995, OOCly!), a month after the events in Transformers: The Movie. If you haven't seen it, it's a good idea to find a quick synopsis - your best bet is wikipedia. Many years have passed in the MUSH universe since then (check them out!), and many events have shaped the theme of the game. Just the same, there are a few topics that have remained constant and canon, and they're good to know for immersion! The only canon that's certain is the canon seen in this movie - other episodes of the cartoon may or may not have happened, often on a case by case basis.

The MUSH tends to center around the battle between the heroic Autobots and the would-be conquerors, the Decepticons, two warring factions of transforming robots from the planet of Cybertron. Usually, Rodimus Prime leads the Autobots while Galvatron leads the Decepticons, although there are occasional upsets. Human members of the Earth Defense Command aid the Autobots with the use of high-tech vehicles, while the Junkions, a semi-independent faction of Transformers from the planet Junk, also fight for the forces of good alongside their Autobot allies. Meanwhile, the Quintessons, an alliance of human villains called the MECH, and other assorted troublemakers tend to cause headaches for both factions.

On Earth the Autobots and, of course, the humans have the strongest foothold, alongside Metroplex, although the Decepticons, with their powerful mobile base Trypticon, can still muster enough firepower on that planet to regularly endanger their opponents. On Cybertron, the forces are slightly more even, although the Decepticons usually have an edge on that planet. Cybertron itself has been moved into a new solar system, and has not one but two suns. Charr is held completely by the Decepticons without contest.

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  • Races - A small list of the known races within the game's universe.
  • Locations - Locations that can be found on the game's grid.
    • Space - Spaaaace. And how it's set up on the grid.
  • Timeline - Summaries of the MUSH's IC history.
  • Combiners - Also known as gestalts or special teams!

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