Name Triton
Faction Decepticon
Function Infiltration
Alt Mode Cybertronian Stealth Submarine
Type NPC


Everything on this page is subject to change as necessary, and should be taken as guidelines for the character rather than hard rules. Of note, the IDW background for the character is unthemely; see Theme.


"They can't even see what's right in front of them."

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Triton spent ninety years in deep cover as a double agent in the Autobot ranks, passing military secrets back to the Decepticons. Despite his success, he was eventually discovered when he tried to drive a political divide between two Autobot leaders, and was forced to make his escape. In reward for his accomplishments, he was made second-in-command of the starship Rash Action under Violator, then later the Fatal Consequence. When Fatal Consequence was assaulted by an Autobot boarding party, Triton gained notoriety for singlehandedly destroying twenty Autobots before once again being forced to abandon his post, leaving Violator to be captured. Despite what many would see as an act of cowardice, Triton just barely avoided execution by instead being invited to join Squadron X, which he graciously accepted when faced with the firing squad. During one battle, he was forcibly welded to Crosscut, and during this time the two of them formed a strong bond of friendship. The others remain baffled to this day.


  • Triton originated from the UK comics, where he was the last Decepticon in the far future. Despite successfully causing a new civil war to rob the Autobots of their victory, he was shot and killed, revealing himself as a Decepticon spy in his final moment.
  • He may also be a pirate in this continuity. Probably not, but you know you want to make him one.
  • He has no actual altmode features, but Dreadwind suggests he may transform into a submarine in issue #239's letter page of the UK comics.

Personality & Abilities

Triton has gained a reputation for cowardice because of his supposed tendency to abandon his post when danger rears its ugly head, but this couldn't be further from the truth. While he will likely never live down allowing Violator to be captured, Triton is more than brave enough to face a small army of Autobots, and confident enough in his skills to know he'll get out alive. He is highly intelligent and has a tongue silvery enough to give Swindle a run for his money, but his loyalty to the Decepticons is strong enough that there's no doubt of his trustworthiness. Although he no longer works in deep cover operations, Triton is Squadron X's infiltration specialist, using his highly developed skills and advanced stealth systems to get into enemy strongholds and steal valuable information. He is often paired up with Tornado on such missions, wreaking havoc behind enemy lines. Although lightly armed, his altmode is a Cybertronian stealth submarine, allowing for quick escapes into the oceans when things go horribly wrong.


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