Name Turnbuckle
Type Planet
Location Deep Space - Paraplanar


Turnbuckle is a world of wrestling! They love wrestling so much, and they have regular pay per view bouts starring the galaxy's meanest mofos. Perhaps you will be invited there?

Oddly enough, it is also overrun with orphans. Nothing to do with unsafe wrestling. Nope.


Future Ric Flair used to be the ruler of Turnbuckle, until Wheelie showed him the error of his ways, and he left to lead the Dirty Magnificent Nineteen.


  • Orphans are the unit of currency on Turnbuckle.
  • 1 USD = 8.032 Orphans.
  • Turnbuckle is first exit after the Delta Nebula overpass.
  • Turnbuckle was a stop on the Matrix Quest (though the log is currently lost :c ).
  • The Galactic Wrestling Federation is located on Turnbuckle. Stranglehold is the lifetime champion.


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  • To Walk With A Champion - The Galactic Wrestling Federation is in danger - Future Ric Flair is just TOO good. Who can stop his domination of the game?
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