Tyrest-ed Developments

TP Characters: Backfire, Farsight, Flatline, Adjudicus, Specter
IC Year: 2035
Location: Mostly Tyrest, the focalpoint of the TP. Also included in the drumroll are Earth, Pz-Zazz
Run By: Backfire


What does a fool's lasercore meltdown have to do with a neutral scientist? What does a spooky Sci-Chancellor have to do with any of it, and what does this mean for the highly scientifically advanced city-state Tyrest? When two ninjas stumble on the trail of a killer, what will happen??



  • The TP backdrop serves as Tyrest's IC development and introduction of city elements to players.
  • Probably the seventh time 'Backfire will die' has been used as a plot.
  • Backfire's player is not ashamed of this.
  • Farsight is an actual toy.. far out!!


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  • Diagnosis: Backfire - Flatline explains to a couple of Decepticons just why Backfire claims he's dying and what they need to do about it. Guest appearance by Brigand, everyone's favorite Sweep!!
  • Backfire and the Date of DOOM! - Having bested Torque in one on one combat, Backfire has arranged for their date in Iacon's own Maccadam's Old Oil House!! Attempting to woo her onto the Decepticon side, the Seeker simpleton fails and attempts to poison her instead. Special guest appearance of a Wrecker AND lots of Autobot channel chatter.
  • TYREST-orations - Neutral scientist and recluse, Farsight, hosts a lecture in Tyrest.. but a pair of Seekers have different ideas!! Can Arcee and Fireflight foil their plan? What does Buzzsaw intend to teach everyone's favorite Femme?? Tune in for all that and more, also stunning return of Polarity to action!!
  • What A Drag - Experiencing slight technical energon problems, everyone's favorite Seeker still rises to the challenge when a Stunticon starts running his mouth.
  • General Hospital: Iacon "To Arcee or Not To Arcee" - After Arcee's run in with Buzzsaw a night before, the Military CO is left beaten.. broken.. voiceless (kinda).. the Autobots center around their fallen comrade, trying to solve the mystery that originated from Tyrest.
  • Meeting the Sci-Chancellor - The restoration at Tyrest proceeds slowly, Constructobots and Hoist overseeing the project. Rodimus Prime finally gets a minute with Tyrest's leader, Adjudicus the Sci-Chancellor. Torque, Fireflight, Chromia, and Trailbreaker get into drinking shenanigans while Blast Off spies from afar.
  • A Walk To Remember - On the way back to the shuttle, escorting a drunk Trailbreaker, Chromia and Torque finally get some girl time to eachother.. discussing the past, present, and future.
  • From Russia With Love - As a really cool edgy black Seeker, an Insecticon almost obsessed with explosions as he is eating, and an idiot descend upon the EDC base in Siberia.. is it true that Earth's only hope lies in, THE RUSH? Yeah, they're screwed.
  • I've Been Working In The Magnetic Dampener Fields, All The Livelong Cycle - Trailbreaker sets out to accomplish the task given to him by Ultra Magnus after being drunk in public, Roadbuster advises the Femme fatale on Shockwave, and Arcee arrives to make sure her top two agents are on the case.. and girl talk.
  • Snow Ninja-spection - Following the semi-random destruction wrought on the EDC base in Siberia, two stealthy figures stalk the crime scene asking themselves why. And what leads them onto the trail of an entirely different Decepticon??
  • Towing A Seeker Along - True to her word, Torque contacts Backfire in an attempt to learn more about this kidnapped Tyrestian and the strange lasercore surges the Seeker was experiencing. Alas, this might be more than she bargained for.
  • When A Tool Isn't A Tool - Going to thank her for involvement with a certain Seeker, Specter gets sucker punched by Torque and everyone prepares for a fight that doesn't happen.
  • Setting The Record Straight.. Kind Of - Summoning Specter to her office, Arcee tries to get more answers as to why Torque and Chromia were in such a bad mood. The ninja operative cooperates, well.. when it suits his goals that is.
  • Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!! - Another raid under Backfire's belt, the Autobots can only look by helplessly as the Seeker makes off with more goods.. but is there a chink in the armor? What does Arcee discover when questioning the Zemurian merchant??
  • Autobot Channel Traffic: Backfire - A companion to the Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!! log, this is a collection of the channel traffic concerning Backfire that was cut from the log to not interrupt from the flow of reading!!
  • Trailbreaker's Secret Weapon OR How Chromia Learned All She Needed About Peaceful Negotiations - With Adjudicus demanding instant gratification of the Autobots, Chromia attempts to answer it with steel resolve and a soldier's wit.. Trailbreaker deploys his secret weapon: Bluestreak and all his feels.

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