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Freshly appointed to the raks of character staff. His reviews can be seen here]

Perhaps best known for his role as Redshift, this user plays other OCs such as Lee-Zard(The infamous first Junkion Cassette transformer) and the rarely-seen Longshot and Blowout. He has played the following FCs on 2k5:Brawl, Blot, Overbite, Slag, Elita-1, Sky Lynx, Amy Spitzer, Runamuck, Hook, Snapdragon, Impactor, Hound, Scourge, Hun-Grrr, Hot Spot, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, Firestar and probably a few others that I'm forgetting. An avid artist(see, he has been a part of 2k5 for many years, although he was MIA between circa 2003 and December 2007.

Redshift lives in a frozen wasteland. on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Don't forget to check Redshift's Deviantart at [[1]]

Red's proposed new iacon grid

The wild Redshift in it's natural habitat

The sun sets over the frozen tundra

The Northern Store. you can see the word 'northern' in Inuktituk