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2k5 has always had a fairly large number of coded vehicles, ranging from Shuttles to Hovercraft to Submersibles, and more. Everything but the flagships are freely available to characters with the Pilot ability.

  • +vehicles - Brings up a list of vehicles in your faction, the vehicle type and where they are located.


  • Using a vehicle purely for transport purposes - Unlimited Use
  • Using a vehicle as a combat object for a few rounds - Occasionally

Rules and Etiquette

  • Do not use a vehicle to unbalance a scene or gain an unfair advantage over opponents. Please work cooperatively with the other team to ensure a vehicle is adding fun to a scene and not derailing it.
  • Enemies may board a shuttle and attack its pilot - You are not immune to harm.
  • If you have been recently damaged in combat (see: News Combat Damage) or are under IC restrictions to stay out of a fight, you can't bring a shuttle/vehicle to a scene.
  • If you damage a shuttle in a combat scene, please try to find an ally equipped with the Construction ability to repair the damage you've done.
  • Do not indiscriminately use the shuttle to Ram things.

Types of Vehicles


Flagships are (usually) massive spacecraft that serve as the leading vessels for factional fleets. Sometimes they are merely the most armed, or the most well-known, like the Olympic Flagship Swordfish. Role-playing within them is unlimited, however, engaging in battle with them requires TPstaff approval.


All factions can have up to five coded shuttles, which are all equipped with Flight, Space Flight and LR Radio.


The Earth Defense Command has aircraft carriers, but Cybertronians do as well!


Notable Vehicles

Vehicle Characteristics

Vehicles are relatively large, so they will be easier to shoot at if you are a regular-sized character.

Their large size will also make attacking with the shuttle relatively ineffective, but they do have a moderate no-size attack to defend themselves with.

Vehicles are particularly vulnerable to Explosive attacks, such as missiles.

Regular vehicles have a moderate Courage stat to reflect their inability to function at full capacity after receiving significant damage (They will receive the SCARED flag, negatively affecting their Accuracy and Agility).

Upgrading Vehicles

It will be possible for players to pool AP to purchase improvements to faction-owned vehicles. You may not purchase your own personal vehicle.

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