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Velocity Stat is a Stat
Velocity Stat.jpg
Name Velocity Stat
Alias VEL

Speed of travel; mode dependent.


Velocity is the measure of how fast a character can move.

The Velocity stat plays into combat in two ways: One is through using the !retreat command, and the other is by empowering Velocity-based attacks.

Velocity-based Attacks

Note that Velocity replaced Strength or Firepower for dealing damage with Velocity-based attacks (typically ramming type attacks). Sonic booms or dangerously combustible exhaust systems may also be suitable as Velocity attacks.

The Velocity stat is limited to 8 for new OCs as per any other stat.

An extremely high Velocity stat(s) is no longer required to utilize the Space Flight or FTL abilities.

Velocity Table

The velocity benchmarks are as follows:

1 Human speed
2 Battlesuit speed or Dinobot 'dino' speed
3 Minibot or Dinobot robot speed
4 Average TF robot speed (30 mph)
5 Highway speeds (60 mph)
6 Slow aircraft and racing speeds (120 mph)
7 Average subsonic flight (300 mph)
8 Mach 1
9 Mach 3
10 Mach 5+


Retreating constitutes a turn-ending action in combat (which is presumably your final turn). In doing this, !retreat compares your Velocity stat to the rest of the combatants in the room, and if anyone else is faster than you (i.e. you are open to a parting shot from that individual), they may attack you. Conversely, when someone is on the run from you, it is a common courtesy to not try and knockout the retreating party - though if it is 'In Character' for you to attempt a kill shot on a fleeing adversary, you are within your rights to do so if the retreating player fails to 'outdistance all pursuit' and lingers about. If you'd like to be polite and not /actually/ knock them out while attempting to do so, feel free to make use of the !miss command.

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