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Name Zodiac Wing
Faction Decepticon
Function Seekers
Alt Mode Seeker fighters
Type NPC





Currently an NPC group of Seekers.

  • The Zodiacs were created by Har (he thought it would be cool to have a bunch of jets with zodiac-themed helmets).
  • They evolved. (Through +o-decepticon channel chatter.)
  • They rebelled. (Against Megatron.)
  • There are many copies. (Duh, they're Seekers.)
  • And they have a plan. (To emerge from NPC obscurity.)

The names

  • Based on Battlestar Galactica planets which were based upon the signs of the Zodiac.

  • Aquarius - Aquaria
  • Aries - Aerilon
  • Cancer - Canceron
  • Capricorn - Caprica
  • Gemini - Gemenon
  • Leo - Leonis
  • Libra - Libran
  • Pisces - Picon
  • Sagittarius - Sagittarion
  • Scorpio - Scorpia
  • Virgo - Virgon


The bbpost that started it all...


Message: 2/87

All Hail Galvatron!

Posted: Thu Jul 03

Author: Sagittarion

Begin Transmission.

The lavender SAGITTARION appears on screen. Behind him are eleven more,

similarly colored Decepticon seekers. Their only difference, much like their

leader, are their helmets. Some have helmets with animal features. Others,

like the arrow-shaped rocket mounted to Sagittarion's head, are objects.

"This is Sagittarion, Lead Wing of Zodiac Wing! We make it known that we throw

in our support for Lord Galvatron -- the TRUE Emperor of Destruction! So say

one of us.."

"SO SAY WE ALL!" All Decepticons cheer in unison.



Except for their creator in that wonderful bbpost, none so far...

Vitacus calls dibs on Picon

Har suggests Scorpicon instead of Scorpia because retro-style Transformers names are fun.

Tauron has been created as /someone/.

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